Richard’s Research

Based on extensive research spanning six decades by author Richard Falconer,
this tour is unique amongst ghost tours around the world.

Alongside the unfolding of an extraordinary St Andrews history (not to be found in that font of inaccuracy we call Wikipedia!), these educational tours look to dispel the myths surrounding the paranormal we have become accustomed to, in favour of a reality we rarely allow ourselves exposure to.

Since the 1970s, Richard has interviewed hundreds of people having experienced phenomena in St Andrews and Fife. He went through over 13,000 books and manuscripts on Scotland, plus newspapers and magazines since their founding for everything concerning the paranormal.

Through correlating the gathered mass of data, and adding it to global data, patterns started to emerge that no one was previously aware of. This applies to both phenomena in St Andrews and phenomena as a whole. Some of this is featured on the tours – but it is not all historical. While phenomena is not appear on demand, the historical is still happening, which is why every tour is unique. There have been around 2000 experiences on tours since 2014, both individually and collectively.

Everything up to September 2021 is now published in Richard’s books, a selection of which is also featured on the tours.

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Six nonfiction books about ghosts by Richard Falconer
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