Continuing with Group B. Spirits of the deceased

Why are they here?

This is the most common question I am asked. There are those who say we arrived in this world with nothing and we leave with the same. This is not true. To give a riddle in a similar vein as the Sphinx – there is one thing we each arrive with when we are born, and one thing we leave with when we die… What is it?

The answer is our spirit. The spirit drives an awareness partially recognised by our subconscious and far more profound than physical consciousness can comprehend. Following death, our awareness is imbued with the culmination of everything experienced whilst alive. Unless our death is premature at birth, we will always leave with more than we arrive with.

We are intelligent (apparently), and like the meditative state, this is awareness without thought, it is a knowing, but it is not gnosis. As with our arrival in this world, and contrary to popular belief, there is no immediate enlightenment following death. The existentialist questions dwelt upon in life are not met with anything other than our awareness of a seamless continuation in death. A juxtaposition as natural and automotive as breathing. When we die the spirit naturally progresses to the next stage of our existence. However, there are anomalies. The first is where the spirit, given particular circumstances, returns by merging through the vibratory planes to the physical, resulting in personal visitations to subtly notify continuation to loved ones, to watch over, to protect, or for unfinished business etc.

The second is a very rare anomaly whereby the continuation or progression of the spirit following death has been suspended ‘between worlds’ so to speak. Those in this state have slipped through the net of the dynamics dictating this natural progression experienced by the majority. A jarring of the spirit has occurred, whereby: 1/ the energetic impact on the locality of death, 2/ reinforced by a mix of energetic mental stimuli (perhaps generated through circumstance), and 3/ often coupled with the natural energy already present in the physicality, 4/ have all transpired to hold the energies of the spirit in a form of vibratory stasis, 5/ a suspension of our state of being in what could be deemed a flux of intelligent vibratory energy held in the physical, 6/ thus preventing its immediate progression.

There is no telling who it might happen to, and we are not given a choice per se as to whether we are going to remain in the world we inhabited when living. If we find ourselves held by such a circumstance, we are tied to the environmental location or specific area that has a personal association for us. This is our sphere of involvement, and is generally where we met our end or lived out our days. This sphere can cover quite an area and its scope is very involved, albeit restricted. Like the ghost of Lady Kinkell who roams her former estate by St Andrews, or the neighbouring ghosts of Kingask (Fairmont) for the same.

Operating through laws unimpeded by illusory physical constructs, there is no dependency on any currently known laws of physics. They are no longer part of the same physical vibratory frequency, which is why they do not share in the same physical space. The only physical quantification of their existence is through our observance of their influence. They interact with physical reality by altering the vibratory nature of the physical in conformity with their will – rather than thought. This is instantaneous, but there is little control once initiated.

A peaceful death and weak spirit can be held energetically just as readily as the violent energies of a fatal situation; a sudden death typified by suicide, murder or accident for example. The former is subtle, the latter more stereotypical when it comes to mundane attempts at explaining their nature.

When experiencing phenomena, an energetic link is created. Any attempt at understanding their nature through the physical or psychological state alone, to put a finer point upon it is futile. These are not theoretical constructs I speak of. Some will recognise it as coming through experience in the spirit.