St Andrews Forgotten History Tour

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"The Metropolis of the Kingdom of Darkness"

For its size St Andrews has one of the most extraordinary and checkered histories to be found anywhere.
From the merciful to the barbaric, the spiritual to the fanatical, St Andrews has seen it all in abundance.

Spanning 4 decades of research l
earn about the unusual, the surprising and the forgotten on this informative guided walking tour around the historic sites of this ancient and unique City.

For over four centuries St Andrews was known as the Rome of Scotland. Home of Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, the religious elite and many thousands of pilgrims. In 1559 the Reformation changed all this and the course of St Andrews and Scotland forever. Stripped of its papal glory and power its great wealth disappeared and so to did its merchants and pilgrims. What little remained would become known as the "Metropolis of the Kingdom of Darkness" until the early 1800s, when after centuries of neglect and disease St Andrews would rise from the dung hills as a new pilgrimage destination... this time for its golf, golden beaches, University and history.

Some 320 years after the priceless treasures of St Andrews disappeared a body of Antiquarians headed by Councilor William Linskill believed not all the treasures were sacked. He believed they were hidden somewhere under the Cathedral grounds, so he made it part of his life's work to try and find on the tour what he found!

Gathering point
In front of the Doll's House Restaurant
Church Square

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