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Ghostly group experiences on the tours

A ghost has started making its appearance
in a window of St Rules Tower

It appears in broad daylight and the weather on each occasion
has been dry. It has appeared whether the sky has been clear or cloudy.

With us continuing on with the tour, the motionless figure appears to
silently looks down at us from its elevated vantage point as we pass by.

The first time we saw it was when a woman on the tour from Vienna pointed it out.
We all looked up and took photo's of it with our camera phones.

The tower is closed to the public after 5:30pm and each time myself and others have seen it,
it has been after the tower has been locked for the night, and before I have spoken about
the monk who has haunted St Rule's Tower for centuries.

This is the most recent photo of the apparition

The figure appears slightly differently to the previous encounters

I am no sure if this is a monk or not, but the monk of the tower when correlated with reports I have gathered over the decades
is one of the three most experienced aspects of paranormal phenomenon witnessed in St Andrews.
The others being the white lady of the haunted tower and the sounds throughout the town of a coach and horses travelling at high speed.

Visit Scotland Staff - Heather and Anna on one of the ghost tours.
They both had a great time on the tour and didn't realise it incorporated so much history from around St Andrews.
In fact it was Heather who discovered this grave, just after we were talking about the gentleman buried here!

They are standing beside the grave of William T. Linskill and family.
Author of St Andrews Ghost Stories in 1911.

William T. Linskill
He was a town councilor and president of the St Andrews Antiquarian Society
in the late 19th to early 20th centuries. A keen golfer, he was tutored by young Tom Morris
who was his friend and golfing companion.

He is buried to the left of the high altar when looking east. His family grave is well worth a visit
and gives an opportunity to pay respect to this victorian gentleman and golfer who did so much for St Andrews and its community.

His Ghost!
At the moment we saw his grave we all felt his presence standing with us,
complete with a jovial victorian countenance and a big smile on his face.

Linskill would also take parties around St Andrews and tell the stories from his book.
He always believed in ghosts and despite spending many an hour in the cathedral grounds
looking for them he never saw one himself.

On every tour since making the acquaintance of Linskill by his graveside he has joined us as we journey
our way around St Andrews. You can feel him loving every minute as the many accounts and stories are told and retold.

Maybe you will also feel his presence beside you, or even glimpse him on a tour yourself.

4 students, a couple and a great family from the USA
paying their respects to the late ghost hunter and storyteller William T. Linskill.

Current spooky goings on at the haunted tower
Located on the Scores path in Hepburn's Wall surrounding the cathedral precincts

A family from Colorado bravely standing at the back
of the h
aunted tower in the Cathedral wall.

This appearance of a skull in the lower chamber was taken on one of the tours

This photo was taken by Derek HJ Eddie of St Andrews.
It was taken through one of the arrow slits of the lower chamber
in the haunted tower around 7:40pm.

The photo shows a skull or face, but when looking through into the chamber there is nothing that
resembles what is in the photo. Interestingly when opened by Linskill in 1885,
this chamber was found to be full of skulls. No other bones were present.
Their identities were unknown but they may have been the skulls of important monks
serving the Cathedral. It is possible they served each of the 10 important figures over the centuries
who were eventually hidden in the central chamber of this famed haunted tower.

The most recent phenomenon at the haunted tower

Hi Richard,
My wife and I took one of your tours on Monday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm afraid the pictures I took through the hole at the side of the cathedral are bog standard. If you ever want to know the numbering on the pipes there, I'm the man to consult.

There was, however, oddness that we didn't consider until later. When Lynn put her hand through the hole she felt something brushing against it. As you’d said people often felt grabbed, she didn’t think about it at the time, but later felt it was strange. My experience was while standing upright by the hole. Even before I bent down to take photographs I felt a tightness in both of my upper arms. I’ve not had this feeling before or since, and to start with ascribed it to hanging a rucksack off my shoulders for four straight days. The feeling was as if I was being gripped internally and the arm muscles were being squashed against the bone, rather than any sensation of the arms being gripped around the surface. This wore off fairly rapidly in my right arm, but continued for longer in my left. I remember still feeling it when we were talking outside the house Mary Queen of Scots used.

I appreciate e-mailing you now when neither of us mentioned anything at the time may appear odd. In my case this was because I attributed it to muscle fatigue. It wasn’t until the feeling disappeared and I realised it wasn’t due to carrying a bag around that I began to ponder what else it might be.

If you consider this all to be fabricated after the fact nonsense, I quite understand. I’d be suspicious myself under the circumstances, but better to let you know in case others later experience something similar.

All the best,
Frank Plowright

As so often happens with paranormal phenomenon, the mind doesn’t start to query an experience until after an unusual event has occurred when there is more time to digest and think about what actually happened.

Pete, Mel and respective families from St Andrews standing outside the haunted tower.

Pete tried taking a photo through the arrow slit into the lower chamber of the tower,
but when putting the phone through something completely switched it off,
as if whatever it was didn't want him to photograph it.

He tried a number of times and each time the same thing happened.

Ordinarily it can only be switched off if authorisation is given,
but with the rest of us watching it had completely bypassed this procedure.
It then took a few minutes to fire it up again before having another go,
which then resulted in the same thing happening again.

Their appeared to be nothing wrong with the phone
and this was the first time something like this had happened to it.

A week later the same thing happened to a woman with her digital camera.
I had mentioned the above incident from the previous week, so she decided to have a go herself.
With a laugh and a joke she put her camera through the arrow slit to take a photo.
When she did so the zoom lens of her camera retracted and completely shut down.
She soon stopped laughing and couldn't believe what had just happened.

Visitors from Wales and Edinburgh at the front entrance of the Haunted Tower
within the cathedral precincts.

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